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"Being a recent graduate in Environmental Geoscience. I thought I could only apply to jobs that specifically applied to my degree. Then I learned how to use the Outcome Focus Interviewing System and it radically changed my mind about interviewing and how my present degree and experience fit in to the interviewing process. It made me realize that I should stop just going for jobs offered in my degree but instead look at what companies I wanted to get in and how I could get them to want to hire me.

So I went for an internship that I would never have applied for since it asked for a Civil Engineering Degree (or someone enrolled in a Civil Engineering program) but it was with the company I wanted to be with. The easy steps in the system showed me how to stand out and how to tie my experiences and stories to fit the job requirements. the best part is...I got the job on the first interview!"

Andy Bongard

"I was interviewing against 65 other candidates for a position I desperately wanted. If I didn't get this job it would mean relocating and being away from my daughter. With this system I was able to read the interviewers and prepare for each one. My stories were succinct which allowed me to relax and just listen to the questions at hand. I think that little bit of extra confidence was the clincher. I got the job!"

Tom Mitchell

"I recently was interviewed for a position that I knew there were other people more technically qualified than I was interviewing for the position as well. When I was offered the job I asked why they gave it to me. He said, "Quite frankly, you are the best interview I have ever had. If you can be that succinct in the interview I know you can do the same for our customers."

Cindy Phillips

"Combining the "outcome thinking", the ability to listen more effectively and being more conscious of body language has helped me with interviews as well as for positive interaction with others."

Glenn G.

"The results are significant! Not only has my self-confidence and job satisfaction improved, the tangible results have been incredible. Last year, I increased my sales performance by 142% over last year and I was promoted to Assistant Vice President."

Lynn R. O'Donnell

"Since using these techniques I have moved from a "data dump" style of communicating to a "benefits to you" style. This causes me to better intereact with others as well as interview with ease."

Michael Napier

"I used these skills to approach my manager and reduce my work weekk to 4 days. This has given me much better balance in my family."

Juli Young

"Thanks Anne! I took these skills and used them to negotiate a SIGNIFICANT raise. I told my company I was confident I could help them achieve the portfolio they wanted in my area. I then asked if I could have 10% of whatever I could produce above and beyond that. They agreed since there was no real cost to them. This last year I doubled my salary."

Paul C.



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