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What you hold in your hands today is 25 years of cumulative knowledge. These are secrets to interviewing that I have been sharing with executives and professionals all over the world. Once applied, these skills have put them on their executives’ radar as a key player in the corporation. A result we all desire.

The start of this system actually came from my own interviewing experience right out of college. Almost every job I interviewed for, I received a job offer. Why? Many of the jobs I wasn’t qualified for in terms of technical skills or degree they desired. I started to pay attention to the magic of what happened, what I said, and how I responded to the interviewer that made such a huge difference. A difference so huge it created job offer after job offer. It is this skill we have been training professionals on for over 15 years.

This magic is now available for you to hold in your hands. You will quickly see why professionals stand out once they grasp the Outcome Focus™ Interviewing System. Now is your time—your future is wide open.

Anne Warfield



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